ocp-build, a build system for OCaml applications

ocp-build is a build system for OCaml application, based on simple descriptions of packages. ocp-build combines the descriptions of packages, and optimize the parallel compilation of files depending on the number of cores and the automatically-infered dependencies between source files.


SourcesSource archives (last release is 1.99.9-beta since March 11, 2015)
User ManualA preliminary user manual

An example of description file for ocp-build (with the .ocp extension):

begin library "ocplib-system"
  files = [ "file.ml" "process.ml" "stubs.c" ]
  requires = [ "unix" ]
begin program "file-checker"
files = [ "checkFiles.ml" "checkLexer.mll" "checkParser.mly" "checkMain.ml" ]
requires = [ "ocplib-system" ]

Invoking ocp-build is as follows (use -help to get more information):

ocp-build rootSet project root directory
ocp-build configure Configure project options
ocp-build project Query project information
ocp-build build Build project
ocp-build install Install packages
ocp-build test Build and run package tests
ocp-build clean Clean build artefacts
ocp-build query Query environment information
ocp-build uninstall Uninstall packages