TypeRex, the OCaml Programming Studio

TypeRex is a set of open-source tools and libraries for developing applications in OCaml, edited by OCamlPro. It is currently under development. Libraries and tools are released independantly, as soon as they reach a state where they can be tested and used by users.


MemprofA toolsuite to profile the memory behavior of OCaml apps2015-02-12
OCPWinA self-contained OCaml distribution for Windows 32/64 bits2016-01-13


ocp-buildA build manager for OCaml applications1.99.9-beta
ocp-indentA customizable tool to indent OCaml code1.5.2
ocp-indexA tool to search environment for auto-completion1.1.4
ocaml-topThe interactive editor for education1.1.2
ocp-ocamlresA tool to embed resources in OCaml programsbeta
ocp-managerA tool to manage multiple versions of OCamlbeta
opamA source package manager for OCaml1.0
operf-microA micro-benchmarking tool for the OCaml compiler1.0
operf-macroA macro-benchmarking suite for the OCaml compilerbeta


ollvmollvm library offers an interface to manipulate LLVM IR in pure OCaml.0.99
ocplib-endianOptimised functions to read int16/32/64 ints from strings0.8
ocplib-wxOCamlA binding to WxWidgets 2.8/2.9, to build graphical interfaces0.1
ocplib-ocamlresA library to manipulate resources embedded by ocp-ocamlresbeta

Online Ressources

OCaml Cheat SheetsThe OCaml documentation in one glance3.12.1
Try OCamlAn interactive toplevel in the browser4.00.1

The first prototype of TypeRex TypeRex for Emacs can still be used to edit OCaml 3.12.1 code under Emacs.