TypeRex, the OCaml Programming Studio

TypeRex is a set of open-source tools and libraries for developing applications in OCaml, edited by OCamlPro. It is currently under development. Libraries and tools are released independantly, as soon as they reach a state where they can be tested and used by users.

The first prototype of TypeRex TypeRex for Emacs can still be used to edit OCaml 3.12.1 code under Emacs.


ocp-buildA build manager for OCaml applications1.99.6-beta
ocp-indentA customizable tool to indent OCaml code1.4.1
ocp-indexA tool to search environment for auto-completion1.0.1
ocaml-topThe interactive editor for education1.1.2
ocp-ocamlresA tool to embed resources in OCaml programsbeta
ocp-managerA tool to manage multiple versions of OCamlbeta
opamA source package manager for OCaml1.0


ocplib-endianOptimised functions to read int16/32/64 ints from strings0.4
ocplib-wxOCamlA binding to WxWidgets 2.8/2.9, to build graphical interfaces0.1
ocplib-ocamlresA library to manipulate resources embedded by ocp-ocamlresbeta

Online Ressources

OCaml Cheat SheetsThe OCaml documentation in one glance3.12.1
Try OCamlAn interactive toplevel in the browser4.00.1